MAY 16 2017

Issue 995 of Exchange Invest coincides with the Porsche 995 a 3 litre V8 low drag aluminium body study for the German government dating back to 1979 which when squinted at reveals a clear relationship to the 928…

Prosperity UK Video

Given Barney Reynolds excellent FT Op Ed today and Michael Spencer’s pithy remarks on Euro clearing, if you haven’t already you need to watch: Prosperity UK Panel – Brexit, Euro Clearing & Financial Market Structure: ably chaired by Barney Reynolds headlining parish luminaries Jeff Sprecher and Michael Spencer, with one Patrick L Young lurking in the background.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

In today’s issue it’s a lot of debate about Euro protectionism and clearing with Michael Spencer and Barney Reynolds leading the flow of coherent comments worth reading. WGC and LME working on Indian Gold Exchange while Nepal considers a second equity bourse and B3 offers encouraging integration and synergy reduction update.

And there’s more, happy scrolling:

In BigWorld

Eschewing the mindless blah blah in Bigworld once again, today marks the end of a modest epoch over at London’s daily financial market-focussed paper City AM with the final column by John Hulsman who for some time now has been illuminating on the world in a way which the majority of legacy media cannot even manage to conceive of, as their blinkers have shaded out the light of clearer thought. His final column is a gem and a delightful insight into many aspects of analysis as well as the macro macro, with an elegant twist of humour too: Churchill and Lincoln had it right. But now we are surrounded by gormless leaders who have no idea who they are.

Public Markets

Michael Spencer Returns To ‘Laughable’ Euro-Clearing Battle On Earnings Day
NEX’s Michael Spencer Critical of Euroclearing Repatriation
Global Investor Group
Spencer Attacks Attempts To Move London Clearing As ‘Ludicrous’

PLY: Michael Spencer reiterates remarks he made at Prosperity UK such as: “Personally, I find the discussion on relocating swaps clearing to the European Union retrograde and nationalistic. It is a really uninformed piece of economic nationalism. Currently around 18 currencies are cleared on LCH and no other country has made those demands.”

EU-Managed Control Of Euro Clearing Is Not Viable
Financial Times

PLY: Essential reading. Barney Reynolds who so ably chaired the recent Prosperity UK panel on market structure and this topic post Brexit, produces a tour de force Op-Ed on the folly of how the protectionist impulse allied with the control freak tendency of Brussels just doesn’t get ‘the invisible hand’ nor does it appreciate how the EU is endangering itself by simply not appreciating the extent of the chaos that will ensue if they insist on moves to Balkanize Euro-clearing.

The City Of London After Brexit Isn’t Just About Jobs

PLY: Combining the strengths and weaknesses of the Bloomberg editorial offering in one article, some coherent points are undermined by the ‘remoanian’ knee jerk of legacy media folks harkening back to a past EU dream which has already broken. Consider this elementary howler: “The U.K. is in no position to complain about the politics driving the discussion.”

Actually, the UK, the sane citizens of the EU (aka those beyond quasi-elected office driven by politicised hormones piqued at their moribund multinational collective being jilted by a successful economy) and the rest of the world…can all easily complain about the politics of the discussion – that is the entire point in many respects!

These politics are the politics of protectionism, of closed markets and the inflexible control reflex which runs completely against the principles of open world trade. It is disappointing to see a major newswire such as Bloomberg simply so incapable of understanding the underpinnings of global finance.

Brazil’s B3 Expects To Conclude Most Integration In 18 Months

PLY: Encouraging news.

BvB Q1 2017 Net Profit 2.83 Million Lei (USD 687,000)

PLY: Profits rise 7%.

London Stock Exchange Group Plc Transaction In Own Shares

HK- Singapore Bourse Rivalry Heats Up
The Nation

PLY: It strikes me HK-SGX competition is always heating up but never cools off…

Private Markets

India Working With World Gold Council To Create A Spot Exchange

PLY: Very interesting.

Sebon Decides In Principle To Open New Bourse

PLY: “Himalayan Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, Nepal Securities and Derivative Exchange, and Kathmandu Stock Exchange had applied for the license to operate stock exchange nearly a decade ago.” Now the regulator is considering a second exchange to compete with the 58% government owned

Nigerian Stock Exchange Set To Host Inaugural Real Estate Investment Trust (Reit) Conference

Depressed Bourse Pushes Colombo SE To Propose Relaxed Rules On Public Float
Daily Mirror

The Baltic Exchange Moves In With SGX But It’s Business As Usual

Special Section: FTI, NSEL, India at the Crossroads

No news today.


Moving Financial Market Infrastructure to the Cloud.

PLY: New whitepaper from DTCC. Useful to reflect on how just a few years ago it was a ‘never going to happen around here’ line on cloud tech…

GreenKey Technologies And iMarket Communications Announce Interconnection Of Their Network Communities

FlexTrade Launches FlexAlgoWheel – Next Generation, Intuitive Interface For Systematic Selection Of Algorithms To Optimize Best Execution


White Paper Offers New Blueprint For TCA In Global FX Market
LMAX Exchange
LMAX Exchange Challenges Conventional Wisdom On TCA
Profit & Loss

Financial Markets: Dawn Of A New Epoch
Seeking Alpha
The Coming London OTC Market Revolution
Seeking Alpha

PLY: A duo from Kurt Dew, as always interesting to read but not sure I can wholly agree.

Ethiopia Aims At Transforming Speciality Coffee Market
Financial Times

PLY: A market problem for the multi-granular world of speciality high value coffee – not immediately best served by an exchange which has a single quality grade thus not rewarding extra grower diligence? Given my own modest investment in coffee through Mrs Young’s excellent endeavours, it’s a fascinating issue and tricky to resolve with a one size fits all auction…

These Are The Bonds Of Our Lives: Turkey Plans To Securitize Tv Dramas

PLY: Feature on an announcement of a few weeks ago. Fascinating all the same. No news incidentally on who has been held in Turkey formerly of BIST in the latest Gulenist crackdown.

TAIFEX Heads Into New Era With Debut Of S&P 500, DJIA Futures And Extended Trading Hours

MTS And BrokerTec Add Dutch And Belgian Indices To RepoFunds Rate

Dalian Commodity Exchange: Egg Futures Provide “Haven” For Enterprises And Egg Farmers

Career Paths

NSE HR Head Mukherjee Asked To Leave Over Controversial Ex-COO Appointment

PLY: National Stock Exchange ( NSE ) Human Resources head Chandrashekhar Mukherjee has apparently resigned for personal reasons according the NSE.

…Over in Washington, the SEC named: Robert B. Stebbins As General Counsel, Jaime Klima Chief Counsel, Sean Memon Deputy Chief Of Staff – good luck to all three on their appointments.

On the recently defenestrated side of the parish, interim CEO Brendan Callan has been named CEO of the beleaguered FXCM Group.


How UK Councils Are Crowdfunding Themselves Out Of A Crisis
The Independent

Other Stories

FINRA Reviews Rules On Outside Business Activities And Private Securities Transactions

Financial Tech Company Signs 11K-Sf Sublease To Move Within Flatiron District
Commercial Observer

TrueEX has signed a 10,600-square-foot sublease at 22 West 21.

Here’s What A Typical Day Is Like At The New York Stock Exchange , Which Turns 225 Years Old This Week
Business Insider

We recently took a tour of the stock exchange floor and its newly renovated rooms to see what a typical day is like inside the New York Stock …

PLY: At 225 years young… well that puts Exchange Invest turning 4 into perspective.

…Seriously, the NYSE looks magnificent post revamp under the ownership of ICE. Refashioned in every sense.
Thanks to all of those who applauded our arrival at the kindergarten years (hey only another 3500 issues or thereabouts and we’re eligible for spring break)… Next milestone coming this time next week: it’s 1000 issues!

All the best,


Patrick L Young
Executive Director DV Advisors

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