August 06 2015


In Warsaw to lecture some delightful PHD students at the Systems Research Institute – my afternoon will clearly involve my brain overheating (beyond even the lofty ambient temperature in the prevailing heat wave) to keep up with these agile brilliant minds.

Today in Exchange Invest Daily: ICE results break records again as Russell Deal delayed and LSE pursues ill – considered open access fetish.  TMX reflect soggy domestic economy. FTIL bewilders technophobic Indian blob (and some of the dead tree press) by using an autodirect…and much more, happy scrolling:

Public Markets

ICE Q2 2015 Results


Q2 Rexsults Highlights

vs Q2 2014: total revenues, less transaction-based expenses $797 mln, up 6%, operating income $430 mln, up 31%, net income $289 mln, up 23%, diluted EPS $2.54

H1 2015 Highlights

vs H1 2014: total revenues, less transaction-based expenses $1,647 mln, up 6.4%, operating income $892 mln, up 24%, net income $612 mln, up 20%, diluted EPS $5.34

ICE Nears Singapore Launch As Profit Tops Views

John McCrank – Reuters

Q4 2015 launch target for Singers’.

TMX Q2 2015 Results


vs Q2 2014: revenue $178.7 million, down 2%, net income 27.6 mln vs. (26.4) mln, diluted EPS 51 cents vs. a diluted loss of 49 cents

Leucadia Q2 & H1 2015 Results

Business Wire

vs Q2 2014: net revenues $2,839 mln, down 0.4%, net income $15 mln, down 79%

vs H1 2014: net revenues $6,024 mln, up 4%, net income $389 mln, up 146%

Leucadia Writes Down FXCM Bailout Loan By More Than $100 Million

Zeke Faux – Bloomberg

Leucadia National Corp. said the value of its bailout loan to FXCM declined by more than $100 million even as the firm more than doubled its money on the deal.

The $300 million rescue loan and associated rights are now valued at $759 million. The company had valued the investment at $947 million as of March 31.

Leucadia also said it received $75.9 million in cash payments from FXCM during Q2, bringing the total received to $94.5 million.

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PLY: The wonders of accounting and how the shareholders of FXCM must rue being involved with the clearly myopic (or at least one-sided to be precise) risk management approaches of FXCM, amongst many others in the retail leveraged forex broker field…

LSE Sale Of Russell Asset Manager Stalls (subscription)

Arash Massoudi & Philip Stafford – Financial Times

A deal is not expected imminently. LSE has been working with JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs on a disposal of the unit, which has assets under management of $266bn.

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PLY: Not so much a setback but clearly a speedier settlement would be better for LSE. For now dreams in Paternoster Square of being acquired remain on ice (to be precise, they are indeed ‘off ICE’ for those reading too much into the previous phrase).

ITG Record Fine Further Dents Trust In US Equity Market Structure (subscription)

Philip Stafford – Financial Times

ITG Faces Fight For Reputation Amid Fallout From Dark-Pool Probe

Ryan Hoerger, Sam Mamudi & Matt Robinson – Bloomberg

The departures of CEO Bob Gasser and General Counsel Mats Goebels were a sign of the seriousness of SEC’s probe. ITG said last week that it could be slapped with a record $20.3 million fine for actions taken by a market-making unit in its Posit dark pool.

More on this in our Premium service: “ITG, Dark Fines & a Coalition for Change.

PLY: Again a lot about management change – it is to Liquidnet’s unique credit that nobody was moved after their then significant SEC fine, given the upheaval at Pipeline before and now ITG.

LSE Promotes Open Access Over Exchange Consolidation (subscription)

Financial News

Read in Premium: Homer Simpson & The Supermodel Buffet – aka a Guide to Clearing in the New Era, Sometimes You Need A Plumber, Open Clearing: A Paradismal Shift By LCH, LCH Opens Swingers Club

PLY: Cash market led group continues to push a narrow and ill-considered attempt to please the sell side which does nothing to make markets safer – quite the opposite in fact. That the LSE is even coherently reported for such actions demonstrates how the legacy of cash market branding has a remarkable hold, even in a derivatives world (as indeed LSE tries desperately to get three dimensional albeit with very binary lobbying suggestions).

Alcoa Ramps Up Criticism Of CFTC Over LME Warehouse Reform


Alcoa has stepped up efforts to challenge CFTC’s intervention in LME’s warehousing reform plan, criticizing its handling of the issue for a second time in as many months. In a letter dated July 27, Alcoa general counsel Max Laun called on CFTC Chairman Massad, to retract its decision to delay ruling on the LME application to register as a “foreign board of trade” in the US.

Goldman Estimates China’s ‘National Team’ Stock Rescue At $144bn (subscription)

Gabriel Wildau – Financial Times

China’s “national team” has probably spent about $144bn to bolster the country’s fragile stock market..

PLY: Some day we will look back and think “Ah yes that was when $144 billion was real money…”

Virtu Starts Trading In China As Regulator Cracks Down On Algos

John Detrixhe & Sam Mamudi – Bloomberg

HFT Firms Virtu, Optiver Enter Chinese Market

Mark Melin – ValueWalk



CME and China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) signed a MoU in Shanghai.

ASIC: Proceeds Of Crime Seized Following Account Hacking


Russian Hackers Manipulate ASX


AFP and ASIC uncover internet hacking, market manipulation and money laundering traded through Morgan Stanley Australia.

U.S. SEC Debates Waivers For Rule Violators In Swap Dealing

Sarah N. Lynch – Reuters

The debate over granting waivers to people with a history of regulatory violations heated up on Wednesday, when U.S. securities regulators proposed a process that would permit swap dealers to do business with those who have broken the law.

SEC Adopts Registration Rules For Security-Based Swap Dealers & Major Security-Based Swap Participants


SEC Adopts Rule for Pay Ratio Disclosure


ESMA 2015 -1243 Opinion On Hellenic Capital Market Commission Renewal Of Emergency Measure Under SSR


Private Markets

Overstock CEO Uses Bitcoin Tech To Spill Wall Street Secret


EI reported yesterday that Patrick Byrne, CEO of, unveiled   at the headquarters of Nasdaq.

Dividend News

ICE announced a $0.75 dividend for Q3 2015, payable on September 30, 2015, record date September 16, 2015.

TMX announced a $0.40 dividend, payable on September 4, 2015, record date August 21, 2015.

Special Section: FTI, NSEL, India at the Crossroads

PLY: FTIL soars +6% as it shows regulators how to create a mail forward while MCX is down 1%:

FTIL Says It Devised Auto Response System

N Sundaresha Subramanian – Business Standard

FTIL has told the Bombay High Court that it had devised an automated system to route shareholder responses to the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) on a draft order to merge it with NSEL.

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Career Paths

DB1 named Rob Jolliffe as Global Head of Sales. Rob will report as MD directly to CEO Carsten Kengeter. Rob has a long career in international investment banking. He has held senior positions at JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, RBS & UBS.

Bloomberg reports that Remco Lenterman, MD at IMC Financial Markets, is leaving the company and moving to London.

PLY: I wish Remco every success in the future. His presentation at “Gomberfest” at the e-Finance Lab Frankfurt event remains one which everybody ought to consider on either side of the HFT debate.

Sibex BoD appointed Mr. Buliga Mihai as interim Board member, until the next AGM.

Financial Calendar

Aug 06 2015

BVB H1 2015 Results

FXCM Q2 2015 Results

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Analyst Notes

LSE “Outperform” Rating Reiterated By RBC Capital – GBX 2,900 Price Objective

CBOE Upgraded By Zacks From “Hold” To “Buy” – $70.00 Price Target

CME-LSE Deal Will Not Hit ICE Revenues (subscription)

Cian Burke – FOW

According to KBW.

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Here’s How To Make Money Out Of Greece: Advice From Ireland

Dara Doyle – Bloomberg

Want to make money on Greece? Buy the company that runs the Athens stock exchange. At least, that’s the advice from Irish securities firm Merrion Capital.

PLY: Sensible suggestion, especially as Helex will make money on any restructuring transactions for government bonds and management is sound.

A full table of current analysis can be found on our Analyst Ratings page which is updated daily.

Other stories

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