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APRIL 26 2017

Good morning and welcome to Issue 982 of Exchange Invest which corresponds to the Porsche 718 Boxster post 2016 model…

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Glass Lewis urges DB1 shareholders not to endorse DB1 board actions (somewhat potentially seismic that), LME Precious delayed a month until July, Palestine SE loses money and there’s more…

It’s an early EI today as I am off to focus on Prosperity UK. I’lll be playing a bit part role in the panel with Michael Spencer… Continue reading

APRIL 25 2017

Welcome to issue 981 of Exchange Invest which correlates with the Porsche type number for the 2012-2016 model Boxster. A delightful convertible for all seasons but best enjoyed in sunny climes like Malta…

In Today’s Exchange Invest

LME begins strategic review and Basra crude comes to market on DME for the first time while Gnosis has a remarkable Dutch auction ICO…

…And there’s more, happy scrolling:

In BigWorld

For all those worried that the UK might trump Europe with low… Continue reading

APRIL 24 2017

It’s a new week and welcome to Issue 980 of Exchange Invest which corresponds with the magnificent Carrera GT of the last decade which was essentially a bolide of singularly purposeful speed and a cornucopia of technology made to deliver performance which took the envelope of performance within speed limits on its head unless you live on an autobahn or commute via your own private circuit.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Big news is the (expected) confirmation that Matt Chamberlain has… Continue reading

APRIL 21 2017

“Europe must become the Bitcoin continent…We must be a frontline country when it comes to this crucial innovation.”
– Joseph Muscat, PM of Malta

That was the exciting message yesterday in my new home nation of Malta as the Prime Minister announced an upcoming move towards delivering Blockchain solutions across government and the fabric of the island nation – fascinating times, I clearly moved just in time!

Congratulations to Silvio Schembri the Chairman of the Economic & Financial Affairs Committee… Continue reading

APRIL 20 2017

Good morning and welcome to Issue 978 of Exchange Invest – the slight drought of Porsche type numbers will end soon and if you’re not careful I’ll just start telling random Zuffenhausen-related anecdotes again…

In the conference world, Prosperity UK next week promises to be a fascinating event, bringing together Britain and the world for the best Brexit future. The brainchild of hedge funder Paul Marshall and former Commissioner Lord Hill, it’s an ideal forum for bringing together Britain regardless… Continue reading

APRIL 19 2017

The parish is diminished today with the passing of one of our more convivial not to mention revolutionary figures: Tom Healy who as CEO turned the Irish Stock Exchange from a dying chattel of the London Stock Exchange into a dynamic 21st century marketplace, showing how smaller bourses can find their niche. I will miss a man who was always assiduously engaged in parish affairs and a most convivial counterparty for any encounter as well as driven by a passion… Continue reading

APRIL 18 2017

Back from the Easter break and it’s the conclusion of Passover this evening. This morning you are just in time for a bumper issue of Exchange Invest catching up with the long weekend. Fortunately there is no publicly available Porsche type number coinciding with Issue 976 given the number of crunchy stories, so let’s get straight to it:

In Today’s Exchange Invest

DB1 and LSE look likely elicit some investor ire after FT discusses “the blunder” in their dealings with… Continue reading

APRIL 13 2017

ESMA has already shut today whereas I intend to take a slightly less aggressive Easter schedule but nonetheless, I do not anticipate publishing Exchange Invest on Good Friday (tomorrow) or Easter Monday – catch up again post Lenten calorific indulgence and towards the end of Passover, next Tuesday.

…But first here’s an extra long Easter Special to tide you over the weekend with insights:

In Today’s Exchange Invest

So Farewell then CME Europe CCP & Exchange – unsurprising news covered… Continue reading

APRIL 12 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to address the EU 27 Financial Services Attaches yesterday with my views on FinTech and how it can integrate and threaten the political / economic status quo delivering opportunities for all in the digital world. Fascinating feedback afterwards with feedback afterwards suggesting I take a variation of the presentation to Brussels – very flattering.

The Malta Presidency of the EU is in full swing and I appreciate the remarkable diligence of all those involved in… Continue reading

APRIL 11 2017

Hello and Good Morning from a sunny Malta where this morning I have the honour of being invited under the auspices of the Maltese EU Presidency to address the Financial Attaches of the EU member states on the topic of FinTech as part of a private event organised by the Finance Ministry.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

London rattled by revelations alleging the Bank of England was a LIBOR manipulator in its own right.

In BigWorld

So, just as, say the… Continue reading



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