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MAY 11 2017

Just as we share an attitude of looking forward in linear and lateral fashion this is edition 992 of Exchange Invest which coincides with the “under development” 2020 version of the iconic 911 series… Hmmm to enhance my fund to buy one I may have to make this newsletter subscriber only before then. Food for thought.

Prosperity UK Video

Prosperity UK Panel – Brexit, Euro Clearing & Financial Market Structure: a panel ably chaired by Barney Reynolds headlining parish luminaries… Continue reading

MAY 10 2017

Issue 991 of Exchange Invest coincides with the 7th generation of the Porsche “911” Carrera unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show, perhaps counterintuitively as a replacement for the 997. Magnificent motor car albeit I still scratch my head at how the 911R was essentially a GT3 without a rollcage – strikes me somebody forgot what that “R” stood for….

Prosperity UK Video

he Prosperity UK Panel – Brexit, Euro Clearing & Financial Market Structure ably chaired by Barney Reynolds… Continue reading

MAY 9 2017

Issue 990 of Exchange Invest coincides with no known Porsche design I can discern but it does mark a lovely round 10 more newsletters until we reach the 1000th issue.

Meanwhile the good folks of Kynetix have just published an excellent white paper outlining the challenges of financing commodities in storage. Click the link at left or click here to download the free briefing. It’s a tricky area with some creative solutions emerging which ought to encourage more financial solutions.… Continue reading

MAY 8 2017

Welcome to another week with Exchange Invest Issue 989 corresponding to a stillborn 4 door Porsche saloon developed between 1988 and 1991 with a 3.6 litre V8 engine…the Porsche 989 is thus the spiritual parent of the current Panamera.

Prosperity UK Video

The video of the conference so epic it was even mentioned the ICE results call last week is now online. Prosperity UK organised by Sir Paul Marshall and Lord Hill was aimed at shaping the British economy in… Continue reading

MAY 5 2017

Exchange Invest issue 988 is here today whereas the Porsche 988 has been delayed. A Ferrari 458 competitor with a 600 pony 4 litre 8 cylinder boxer engine, or perhaps even 700 hp and…well the mid engined supercar has yet to see the light of day but here’s hoping…

Prosperity UK Video

Parishioners listening to the ICE conference call the other day will recall Jeff Sprecher remarked on speaking at the Prosperity UK conference last week. The event organised by… Continue reading

MAY 4 2017

Good morning and welcome to Exchange Invest Issue 987 which corresponds to the Porsche type number for the delightful Cayman mid-engined sports car.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

“I tend to think markets are rational and so the UK and the EU will end up someplace that works for both parties.”
Jeff Sprecher

Post call discussion of ICE’s results – parishioners are advised to note the long term trend transition of whence profits emerge from the data powerhouse exchange operator group.… Continue reading

MAY 3 2017

Issue 986 of Exchange Invest coincides with the type number of that elegant Porsche roadster the Boxster…

It’s a big month for Exchange Invest incidentally – 4th birthday will be officially celebrated May 15th while the 1000th Issue is scheduled for May 23rd…unless any unexpected events prompt an additional bulletin between now and then!

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Euro Clearing palaver scoops the headlines, albeit facts seem to be absent in a war of words which is only marginally more… Continue reading

MAY 2 2017

Back from the long weekend celebrated in many parts, we reach the wonderful month of May. Not only will Exchange Invest celebrate its 4th official birthday (preparing for kindergarten et al) mid month but issue number 1000 will be upon us very soon indeed…

There isn’t a 985 type Porsche to go alongside its number-sake Exchange Invest edition albeit the engine of the remarkable Type 64, (a racing car vastly ahead of its time when built in 1939) was precisely… Continue reading

APRIL 28 2017

Meanwhile as we reach Exchange Invest issue 984 which correlates with the Stuttgart design, the Porsche 984 which was a stillborn roadster and a clear precursor to the boxster. Only one prototype was built and it remains in the Porsche factory collection.

Given that the UK has a Bank Holiday Monday and it is the Pan European Day of Indolence – where Europe actually takes a whole day off to celebrate the cancer of socialism (as opposed to their eagerly… Continue reading

APRIL 27 2017

Sadly, the Former LME Chairman And Titan Of Metals Trading, Raj Kumar Bagri, Has Died. Condolences to the family of a great man who rose from filing clerk at a Calcutta trading company to chairman of the London Metal Exchange , and once sat in the UK House of Lords.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Today the news centres on results and the feedback from the Prosperity UK conference:

In BigWorld

In Bigworld, the Prosperity UK conference was a who’s who… Continue reading



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