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MARCH 14 2017

Welcome to Issue 952 of Exchange Invest Daily which corresponds to the type number of the RHD variant of the 1984 944 Turbo (a machine that magnificently named vintage Frazer Nash racer Harvey McWhirr memorably acquired to signal a slowdown in his lifestyle (he must have been over 70 then) to mark daily executive retirement. His new 944 Turbo supplanted his near annual habit of replacing one 911 with the latest version… Subsequent updates were relayed that going cross country… Continue reading

MARCH 13 2017

Exchange Invest 951 means that next Monday looks a touch epic but meanwhile the Porsche design folks appended the 951 type to the lhd 944 Turbo as well as considering using it for the 964 turbo…

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Germany whines as Maggie Paganao looks wistfully towards NEX and thinks Xavier may yet pull an MTS rabbit out of his merger hat while elsewhere the Evening Standard has interviewed an energised Michael Spencer. Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF blocked by SEC… Continue reading

MARCH 10 2017

And as we reach the pinnacle of Issue 950 of Exchange Invest, its equivalent in Porsche design terms was the 1986098 Porsche 911 transaxle modifications. Thrilling stuff – well once you have a transaxle break trust me it’s a broadly unforgettable experience, particularly at speed.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Today in Exchange Invest I am still pondering the seismic change in IBKR with the announced reduction in Timber Hill while the EU is on manoeuvres to scaremonger Brexit Britain over… Continue reading

MARCH 9 2017

It’s Exchange Invest issue 949 which correlates in Zuffenhausen-speak with the 16 valve turbo engine and transaxle for that elegant 924 GTP racing car which we first discussed under its primary type number 939.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

IBKR are pulling out of the options market making business as they remain unwilling to participate in the conflict of interest-centric bundling of order purchasing enterprise. It’s the end of an era. I think the US may yet rue its embrace of… Continue reading

MARCH 8 2017

Issue 948 of Exchange Invest ushers in comparison to the aluminium bodied 928 based experimental Porsche which was not produced…

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Lunchtime breaks back on the agenda for discussion at SGX while BSE looks to 25-30 thousand SME listings within 2 years. No, that’s not a typo.

And there’s more, happy scrolling:

In BigWorld

A Happy International Woman’s Day to one and all.

Public Markets

Banks Set To Win Derivatives Relief Under New EU Trading Rules
BloombergQuint… Continue reading

MARCH 7 2016

Issue 947 of Exchange Invest correlates with the Porsche type number for the initial project of the four speed 928S automatic as well as the right hand drive version of the 924S…

In Today’s Exchange Invest

The ICE battle for Trayport continues as UK competition authorities roll back slightly but still seem to be missing the point?

Blockchain battles in Australia or just a false dawn?

Various job moves including a new General Counsel for CFTC and former Swiss Exchange… Continue reading

MARCH 6 2017

Issue 946 celebrates the Porsche 924S, the 2.5 litre larger engine car whose lhd design shared this type number with today’s edition of parish market structure news.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

I am very sorry to report the death of Clayton Yeutter, a gentleman of agriculture and the futures industry, who has succumbed to cancer at the age of 86.
– – –

Meanwhile, in deals, EEX swoops for Nodal Exchange. Peter Reitz further expands his excellent energy exchange empire… Continue reading

MARCH 3 217

Welcome to Exchange Invest issue 945 and in Porsche speak: whereas it is universally known as the 944, the 945 was strictly speaking the 944 in right hand drive format…

In Today’s Exchange Invest

LSE increases dividend and delivers good numbers, next step is Donald draining the swamp post Merger of Equal Desperation achieving the great null point from the regulators.

Euronext onto a winner methinks with a cracking investment in Algomi and expansion of their corporate bond trading exercize.… Continue reading

MARCH 2 2017

Even if you barely know cars, let alone Porsche cars, you know that issue 944 of Exchange Invest celebrates a fabulously elegant front engined coupe which is still capable of modification to keep up with lots of much pricier machinery even today. Great machine, 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine based around the 924 GT Le Mans car which we discussed last week as 939.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Post merger fallout as the parties continue to go through the motions… Continue reading

MARCH 1 2017

Welcome to Issue 943, the type number in Porsche-welt for the 1990 Four-speed Tiptronic automatic gearbox for the 911 Carrera 2. It’s funny looking back, Porsche had this thing with autoboxes, PDK and the like even in the 1970’s and we ‘purists’ thought it all dumb and now the Playstation generation of sports car owners throw their toys out of their Weissach/Maranello pram if it doesn’t have flappy paddles.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

So here we are, in a kind… Continue reading



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