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July 16 2013

elb2 SEF applicant 3 has emerged while the EU’s top financial regulator seems to have out-maneouvred the US government over free trade – surely not! Japan’s merger is implementing as expected, as well as news of other speedy ventures and tie-ups. Meanwhile LIBOR charges have begun…

Incidentally, with plans for the autumn “off-site’ season fast approaching, I have a series of pertinent presentations available for delivery as required relating to the future of finance, money and every vestige of social lending/crowdfunding… Continue reading

July 15 2013

Serial disruptive MTF/exchange CEO Peter Randall has penned an excellent article for the FT’s august opinion pages (see Crowdfunding section) while elsewhere there seems to be evidence of the buy side being a bit restive, exchanges tweaking things and more OTC to platform/CCP (maybe exchange?) rumblings…

Public Markets

Danish Funds Sue Banks In US For Blocking CDS Exchange-Trading


Four Danish pension funds have filed a lawsuit against twelve large banks, accusing them of increasing costs for investors trading in… Continue reading

July 12 2013

elb2 Some folk may be thinking of the beach but I’m staying focussed on exchange matters and there is a lot happening. CFTC-EU have cut a deal which may avert messy extra-territoriality while the French are bleating about the FTT…a case of “Plus ca change?” Interesting articles on crowdfunding, Chinese bonds, Brazilian block trades and a whole new Transylvanian movie starting out as Ludwik Sobolewski is angry and ready to seek revenge from his new offices in Bucharest. Will it be… Continue reading

July 11 2013

elb2 We lead with a fascinating story from BusinessWeek which could tip NASDAQ OMX into takeover target. Meanwhile, The FC Stone acquisition of Cleartrade has, alas, collapsed in the wake of Dodd Frank rule tweaks. In London, ICAP produced their results for Q1 while China metal warehouses could yet be available to LME. Interesting times, more stories and analysis below:

Public Markets

Nasdaq Top Deal Target


With the takeover of NYSE Euronext poised to close, buyers seeking the next exchange… Continue reading

July 10 2013

elb2 The big news today is clearly LIBOR. ICE has won the battle through its proxy NYX and clearly that adds a lot of possibilities to the ICE empire and something is bound to flow to the bottom line through diverse routes.

Commissioner Bart Chilton raises the obvious questions, although whether the concerns will be realised is another matter – exchanges would have serious problems with survival if their impartiality on settlement were to be questions and indeed they have juggled… Continue reading

July 09 2013

elb2 One of those downright interesting days. No massive earth shaking moves but the tectonic plates are jiggling in multiple areas from options trademarks through bankers buying into swaps exchanges and the growing debate over clearing house probity. The latter needs airing just so everybody understands the situation well and transparency can only help improve understanding.

Meanwhile, we have a couple of interesting micro deals on the go currently, any interested investors who are at or below the 1 million dollar… Continue reading

July 08 2013

elb2 A relatively quiet start to the week albeit with a couple of rather vital stories today.

China is looking at private banks and creating a new Treasury futures market – big steps towards open capitalism. Also in China, Tencent will be the sole mobile source of free real-time NASDAQ data.

In today’s other big story, Bankers are worried about clearing house safety.

Happy reading:

Public Markets

China To Restart Treasury Futures After 18-Year Halt


China will resume trading of… Continue reading

July 05 2013

elb2 Hello and Welcome to the last EI of the week and we’re on a roll after 5 days of intriguing news.

Our own best news is that we are delighted to welcome today, our first sponsor, Cinnober Financial Technology AB a business which powers all manner of aspects of the IT at many of the world’s most innovative and exciting platforms and exchanges. Thank you for your support!

Thanks too to all the many investors and industry executives who have… Continue reading

July 04 2013

elb2 We wish a very very Happy US Independence Day to all and sundry from both DV Advisors and Exchange Invest. In just 237 short years, the USA has become a magnificent pulsating hotbed of capitalism and a wondrous diverse nation – enjoy your special day, it deserves a celebration.

As you can see, anybody missing their daily information fix as the USA closes down need fear not, we’re publishing as usual!

In a busy session at the EuroParliament yesterday, the… Continue reading

July 03 2013

elb2 Elsewhere EU Tax Commissioner Semeta has been saying he is happy with a reduced FTT. This is, as I have said before, nothing more than a trap. The Commissioner even qualifies his own remarks by stating it would be okay for the time being. Sorry to say it again but we cannot afford to lose focus: FTT must die. No ifs, no buts, get rid of it. Incidentally last week following my own full frontal over dinner, the architect of… Continue reading

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