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Daily Archives: 14/03/2017

MARCH 14 2017

Welcome to Issue 952 of Exchange Invest Daily which corresponds to the type number of the RHD variant of the 1984 944 Turbo (a machine that magnificently named vintage Frazer Nash racer Harvey McWhirr memorably acquired to signal a slowdown in his lifestyle (he must have been over 70 then) to mark daily executive retirement. His new 944 Turbo supplanted his near annual habit of replacing one 911 with the latest version… Subsequent updates were relayed that going cross country… Continue reading

MARCH 13 2017

Exchange Invest 951 means that next Monday looks a touch epic but meanwhile the Porsche design folks appended the 951 type to the lhd 944 Turbo as well as considering using it for the 964 turbo…

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Germany whines as Maggie Paganao looks wistfully towards NEX and thinks Xavier may yet pull an MTS rabbit out of his merger hat while elsewhere the Evening Standard has interviewed an energised Michael Spencer. Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF blocked by SEC… Continue reading