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Daily Archives: 03/03/2017

MARCH 3 217

Welcome to Exchange Invest issue 945 and in Porsche speak: whereas it is universally known as the 944, the 945 was strictly speaking the 944 in right hand drive format…

In Today’s Exchange Invest

LSE increases dividend and delivers good numbers, next step is Donald draining the swamp post Merger of Equal Desperation achieving the great null point from the regulators.

Euronext onto a winner methinks with a cracking investment in Algomi and expansion of their corporate bond trading exercize.… Continue reading

MARCH 2 2017

Even if you barely know cars, let alone Porsche cars, you know that issue 944 of Exchange Invest celebrates a fabulously elegant front engined coupe which is still capable of modification to keep up with lots of much pricier machinery even today. Great machine, 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine based around the 924 GT Le Mans car which we discussed last week as 939.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Post merger fallout as the parties continue to go through the motions… Continue reading