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JANUARY 17 2017

Issue 912 -marking the short-lived 1600 cc entry level 911 from the 1960’s…

Thanks to the many well wishers who sent messages about our move to Malta. Day One involved rain (egad!) while the locals are suffering climactic depression disorder and after a week in Poland it still strikes us as somewhat balmy.

Great job last night by Ron Attard, Simon Barberi and the EY Malta team who organised with 100 Women in Finance a super soiree discussing Malta’s attractiveness.… Continue reading

JANUARY 16 2017

It may be Blue Monday for many today, “the bluest ever,” some suggest but in the Young household we’re quite chipper. As of today, we’re relocating to sunnier climes, having arrived at the weekend in the delightful island nation of Malta. Presuming the current plan all works out, we’re intending to stay here through thick and thin, including recent weather (where the lows in temperature just about got down to the highs in temperature in Poland during our final week… Continue reading

JANUARY 13 2017

Exchange Invest issue 910 brings me to the first wondrous Porsche prototype I ever saw: The 2 litre 910 coupe owned by Ulsterman John L’Amie which finished 9th at the Brands Hatch 1000kms in 1970 amongst various epic privateer runs. Overall the 910 itself was a king of the European mountains (in bergspyder version) as well as a mainstay of international endurance events for many years.

In Video

It’s yours truly speaking about FinTech from Wroclaw, Poland in December –… Continue reading

JANUARY 12 2017

And welcome to Exchange Invest issue 909 celebrating the surreal ultimate Porsche Bergspyder which weighed in at 375 kgs, or significantly under half a contemporary Smart car (in the age before composite unobtanium, some of the weight saving included good old fashioned balsa wood). The 909 Bergspyder marked the end of Porsche’s involvement in the awesome European Mountain Hillclimb championship which itself never recovered the prestige it held in the 1960s when the likes of Gerhard Mitter became household names.… Continue reading

JANUARY 11 2017

Welcome to issue 908 of Exchange Invest – in the ongoing Porsche theme counting down to issue 1000: 908 is a classic Porsche in many terms – for me the elegance of the 908/2 represents a divine flowing open sports prototype albeit 908/3 was the classic machine still competitive in major international events (thanks in part to to rule changes) well into the 1980’s. Then again the original 908 was the car which caused Porsche er, ‘heart-brake,’ when the decision… Continue reading

JANUARY 10 2017

Exchange Invest Issue 907 marks a classic but largely unknown Porsche, the 1967 right hand drive car which in 2.2 litre long tail form won the Porsche’s first 24 hour race, at Daytona. That victorious 1968 car was sold for $3.63 million at auction in 2014 incidentally.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

A paucity of news: PM launches new GIFT city exchange in India, CBOE prices notes, DTCC selects vendors for Blockchain project and more…

In BigWorld

The City of London… Continue reading

JANUARY 9 2017

And I am back with Exchange Invest, Happy New Year one and all!

Apologies for the slightly tardy despatch this morning but we have some core heating problems to deal with and it’s a bracing -10 degrees!

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Issue 906 of Exchange Invest celebrates the classic Carrera 6, the last road / racing car designed by Porsche – after this it became pure prototypes at the pointy end of their racing endeavours: purely awesome prototypes at that.… Continue reading

DECEMBER 23 2016

Issue 905 – in Porsche speak that is the type number of various 4 speed sportomatic transmissions…
In Today’s Exchange Invest


Chinese deal for Chicago SE attracts ire of US politicians while Chinese consortium buys 40% of Pakistan exchange.


And there’s (much) more including various key hires, enjoy the scroll:


Here’s to some cracking events in 2017…
In BigWorld


Out there in Bigworld, it’s the festive season. That means I am downing the daily newsletter tools… Continue reading

DECEMBER 22 2016

Issue 904 means the fabulous mid-engined competition coupe, perhaps the first truly fabulous sports racing (and rally car) of the 1960’s to emerge from Zuffenhausen.

While the 904 had a delightful line, the illustration here is the uglier Bergspyder, a purposeful hillclimber and road racing machine, as popularised by the likes of the brilliant Gerhard Mitter…

In Today’s Exchange Invest


DB1 and LSE are clearly on a media offensive to break the 4th estate before Christmas so the press… Continue reading

DECEMBER 21 2016

Issue 903: In Porsche notation, the type number of an experimental 3 speed torque converter automatic gearbox. Yeah, I agree, exciting stuff.

I spoke recently at the CEEImpact giving a keynote which ought to be online in a few days. Meanwhile, here’s the PLY: A Child Is Born video, enjoy the first 38 seconds…
In Today’s Exchange Invest


‘Single point of failure’ ASX carpeted by ASIC while former LME accountant pleads guilty to some charges. DB1-LSE prevarication continues while… Continue reading

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