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October 21 2016

elb2The big news out of Expo overnight was the victory by in the Innovators Award. FIA made a great move by encouraging the innovators pavilion last year and it has already showcased some excellent new entities – e.g. Duco and GMEX were two from last year’s take-up which spring to mind. In awarding the jury prize to the FIA at once has shown a sensible link to its grass roots – FCMs and their clients, as well as… Continue reading

October 20 2016


Expo has mostly been a case of conventional discussion so far it seems. In Europe, the Brexit debate (fuelled by ‘remainian’ hysteria) has become so juvenile and inadequately covered it makes one almost yearn for a good Presidential election campaign…let me just check…hmmm…5 seconds later and the remote control “off” button offers a compelling alternative… At least there’s this newsletter to offer a spot of calm scrolling during the day:

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Amongst today’s many interesting… Continue reading

October 19 2016


In Today’s Exchange Invest

The highlight of today’s news is the Australian Prime Minister this evening in Canberra, bestowing a 250,000 AUD award on Professor Michael Aitken of this parish, as one of the Prime Minister’s 2016 Prizes for Innovation.

I will readily admit an absolute personal delight that Mike, having been so assiduous in making markets better for years is being acknowledged in such a high profile way for his work by Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Moreover, that the… Continue reading

October 18 2016


In Today’s Exchange Invest

Big news is UK antitrust ordering ICE to divest Trayport. 


Claim your discount code now via Exchange Invest: Burgenstock is coming soon (see banner on left- and use this discount code “YOUNG15” to get 15% off the delegate fee).

The Stuttgart SE 10th Anniversary MIFID Conference also advertised to your left looks most interesting and I am delighted to be chairing a session there November 17th.

In BigWorld

Meanwhile in Bigworld, a UK… Continue reading

October 17 2016


It’s a Monday but it’s not November yet, so no fireworks on the Hong Kong-Shenzhen through train but it’s coming soon….

In Today’s Exchange Invest

ICE gains CCP mandate from LBMA and launches a US future loco London. Hound of Hounslow to be extradited to US, Sensex celebrates 30th birthday (and it’s still not married yet – Indian mothers everywhere will be fretting). …And there’s more, a marathon helping of more today…

(In other news, Naspers sold Allegro, Poland’s answer… Continue reading

October 14 2016

elb2Condolences to our Thai readers on the passing of the world’s longest-serving monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand who Died at Age 88 yesterday.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

HKEX-Shanghai plan a Monday in November for the next through train linkage while BM&FBovespa CETIP takeover gets a further antitrust enquiry. Four big bond platforms unite to create an EU industry association. Meanwhile, in the soap opera surrounding Israel’s exchange, now the acting CEO has withdrawn her resignation as Chairman… Continue reading

October 13 2016


ICAP buys regulatory provider, ICE confirms 5 for 1 stock split, just as the shares anyway seem to be breaking out of the recent range to the upside.

Oh and as I rushed Exchange Invest to pixel this morning the WFE announced a report with Oliver Wyman on emerging markets liquidity. At a first skim the headline prognosis look blindingly obvious but there’s probably something of depth in there: Click here to read Enhancing Liquidity in Emerging Market Exchanges… Continue reading

October 12 2016


Is the Turnbull government seriously going to rip up the silent pact of government always having the back of the ASX? Interesting clearing ructions…

As I raced to pixel, confirmation of rumours, Cinnober Boat / Autilla wins the LBMA contract, congratulations!



In the public domain coming soon, there is Burgenstock (see banner on left- and use this discount code “YOUNG15” to get 15% off the delegate fee).

The Stuttgart SE 10th Anniversary MIFID Conference also advertised to… Continue reading

October 11 2016


In today’s exchange invest, loss making Mongolia exchange may be privatised while parish IPO fever is growing in India and much more…

In the public domain coming soon, there is Burgenstock (see banner on left) and likewise the Stuttgart SE 10th Anniversary MIFID Conference also advertised to your left… Various private briefings for me in the meanwhile with clients and amongst other trips, the Middle East beckons.

In BigWorld

Beyond the soap opera of the fabulously flawed Presidential elections,… Continue reading

October 10 2016


Monday morning and Jignesh Shah may be about to incur more charges – plus ca change. Zagreb SE creates a crowdfunding partnership as NASDAQ looks at commodities in Singapore. CME has reduced its stake in BM&F Bovespa, and there’s more…


Full marks to Ron Attard and the EY team who put together a hugely impressive Malta National Attractiveness Day Conference last Friday. The 500+ senior decision makers from the islands reflected pretty much everybody at the top of… Continue reading

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