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MARCH 28 2017

Welcome to Exchnage Invest issue 962. In Porsche terms, next to the 956, the 962 would rank as my favourite vehicle to own. In an effort to merge the different codes of sports prototype racing, the FIA adopted various IMSA regulations which included moving the driver’s feet back in the chassis behind the front axle line. 91 factory cars alone were built while all manner of exciting variants included later carbon fibre monocoques and the scintillating Dauer 962, one of… Continue reading

MARCH 27 2017

Exchange Invest Issue 961 corresponds to the racing evolution of the Porsche 959 which, due to the suspension of Group B, saw only one example built. That car I recall well from it’s second and final Le Mans appearance as it memorably went off piste and showed some clear signs of wear and tear as I looked out the window of the golf club at the end of the Mulsanne straight while shaving early Sunday morning during the 24 hour… Continue reading

MARCH 24 2017

Exchange Invest started the week correlating with the magnificent Porsche 956, it ends the week after too many Cayenne variations for my liking, with design 960 correlating with this issue. At once an evolution of the Group B 959 and the 4 speed auto box for the 928S as well as the Porsche Experimental Study vehicle, a 928 based concept to show how to maintain safety precepts but reduce weight and fuel consumption.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Rather than rattle… Continue reading

MARCH 23 2017

Exchange Invest Issue 959 correlates to the 4 wheel drive Porsche supercar built for Group B competition and homologated through limited production. Amongst the lucky purchasers of a 959 was the legendary conductor Herbert Von Karajan who memorably managed to spin his newly acquired 959 in his driveway! This is both a testament to the length of Austrian driveway a renowned maestro can afford, as well demonstrating the lightning speed of this remarkable machine.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Merger of… Continue reading

MARCH 22 2017

Issue 958 of Exchange Invest corresponds to another version of the Cayenne (who knew tractors with leather interior could require such frequent updating?). Apparently Porsche design have recently unveiled a laptop which costs 2,500 dollars, is super slim with a sandblasted exterior and has a detachable screen to run as a tablet… It is powered by Microsoft Windows 7.

Well, I suppose if Porsche could make a van engine work in the 924/944 series they can make the world’s most… Continue reading

MARCH 21 2017

Exchange Invest issue 957 correlates with the Porsche 957 was the second generation Cayenne 4wd leather trimmed lorry made between 2008 and 2010. What a relative indignity for the divine 956 Le Mans racing car to find itself ‘retrosandwiched’ between these leviathans of the commuter belt. (Lovely, luxurious car the Cayenne, but it’s hardly the stuff of teenage bedroom walls, let’s put it that way).

In Today’s Exchange Invest

BATS has finally let the buy side loose on it BIDS… Continue reading

MARCH 20 2017

The number 956 e.g. appended to this issue of Exchange Invest daily, sounds innocuous enough…but when we look at the Porsche design of the same name, the earth may even wobble a little on its axes. The 956 design was Porsche’s simply stupendous first aluminium monocoque racing car which is the sort of sports prototype which tends to lead you closer to believing in an inspired invisible hand in car design. The 2.65 Indycar engined Le Mans car was simply… Continue reading

MARCH 17 2017

Issue 955 corresponds with the, type number allocated retrospectively to the Porsche Cayenne which is a leather trimmed tractor adhering to the “Chelsea tractor” fad, unlike earlier more agriculturally purposed Porsche tractor designs. Occasionally the preserve of whole families but more frequently a small cabal of eastern European gangsters who have deemed the Mercedes G Wagen just too angular. Cheer up, on Monday we’re back to really proper stuff, not Chelsea tractors for the blingsters who can’t drive proper sports… Continue reading

MARCH 16 2017

Exchange Invest celebrates Issue 953 with a look at the magnificent Porsche 911SC Group B evolution, deployed more in rallying than racing. Four wheel drive turbo monsters soon took over but the sheer elegance of this ultimate 911 rally car was nowhere in greater evidence than on the Irish tarmac championship where I recall following a Circuit of Ireland rally with the Billy Coleman and Bernard Beguin – simply brilliant drivers both – in a brace of magnificent Rothmans liveried… Continue reading

MARCH 15 2017

Issue 953 of Exchange Invest Daily correlates with a remarkable Porsche, the 1984 4×4 version of the 911 Carrera developed for the Paris-Dakar rally, in many ways a prototype for the later 959.

Readers may recall Xavier Rolet has completed the Paris-Dakar rally too – the multi week adventure through the African dessert was arguably a decent preparation for dealing with EU antitrust.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

NASDAQ launches its tech in the Borsa Istanbul derivatives market while also announcing… Continue reading

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