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May 24 2016

elb2Great news from Austria and Chicago. In Vienna, Christoph Boschan will head the exchange while Eris must have been popping champagne corks last night with an investment from CBOE delivering some welcome additional resources and optionality, not to mention further brand validation for the most successful of the pure startup SEFs…

Meanwhile I have just arrived in Malta where I have some meetings and private briefings before I speak the Finance Malta May 25/26 conference on a FinTech theme. Meanwhile… Continue reading

May 23 2016

elb2Slightly earlier edition this AM due to my flight schedule…thanks to Florin and the team for organising the files earlier today!

Parish events: This week I will be speaking at the Finance Malta May 25/26 on a FinTech theme.

Meanwhile the FESE Convention, is upcoming at the same venue, Malta, 15/16th June while ICDA have already delivered a discount code for their upcoming CyberRisk conference in London, July 20th: Secure a place at GBP 295 with the code YOUNG295.… Continue reading

May 20 2016

elb2End of an era Friday in some respects but two tales of very different conclusions. Bill Brodsky will end his long goodbye to CBOE by standing down in 2017 as Chairman after 20 remarkable years with the Chicago options market which he, by turns, drove into new venues. Life looks more challenging for Philippe Buhannic who has been ousted as TradingScreen CEO under allegations of behaving like, well, the Canadian Prime Minister in his latest Parliamentary bout. Physical assault against… Continue reading

May 19 2016

elb2Rounding out the brief review of the year, after the Winners yesterday, today in Premium: 2016 Year In Exchange Invest: Losers. I take no satisfaction in those who have proven so lacklustre (at best) in the past year. Rather, the tragedy is that all the losers seem oblivious to their failings and that deeply concerns me given the weight of criticism they have consistently received from the Exchange Invest readership. If you aren’t reading Exchange Invest Premium, you’re behind… Continue reading

May 18 2016

elb2Just over a week and I will be speaking at the Finance Malta May 25/26 on a FinTech theme.

Meanwhile the FESE Convention, is upcoming at the same venue, Malta, 15/16th June (and don’t forget the First CEE CMU Capital Markets Summit, chaired by me, Patrick L Young, with the 2nd CEE Capital Markets Awards that evening September 15th, Warsaw).

New Premium Post today, we unveil: 2016 Year In Exchange Invest: Winners as part of our ongoing birthday celebrations.… Continue reading

May 17 2016

elb2Along the 3 year Exchange Invest journey, I have already deployed multiple metaphors and referenced a host of sources. Today it’s the turn of the 1930’s-1940’s project to create a broad gauge railway across, er, Greater Germany which springs to mind. One Mile Passing Loop is the first Premium post of the day while I begin highlighting the good and bad in the parish as part of our anniversary celebrations with: Winners & Losers Part 1 Last Year’s Laureates.… Continue reading

May 16 2016

elb2We’re celebrating across the Exchange Invest offices today. Not just Issue 750 but actually yesterday marked the 3rd anniversary of Exchange Invest heading ‘into the wild’ so to speak. I’ll be musing more as the week goes on. Tomorrow I’ll be discussing the winners and losers in the parish during the last year.

However, it does raise a serious question – it’s seriously (beyond) time when some in the parish coughed up some more cash. I know, I know, there… Continue reading

May 13 2016

elb2Euronext dominates the headlines this morning. Their first deal of the new era is accelerating to fruition and, reading the runes, the message is hyper-clear. If you don’t follow, it’s explained succinctly in Premium: New Euronext New Deal: EuroCCP. (Subs remain Individuals User: $300 PA, for groups or full enterprise users, very healthy discounts apply…oh and it has to be said it is obvious those who don’t subscribe to our Premium content…)

Moreover, this morning Euronext announced their strategic… Continue reading

May 12 2016

elb2Some may be disappointed in the parish that Euronext has had a slight volume slump (doesn’t help that the marxists masquerading as a government in Paris apply an FTT of course) but I see a positive light. Leicester City just won the English premiership (that’s in soccer, apparently) at odds of 5000/1. A few years back bookies would have been shunned even when offering such generous odds on a Euronext results announcement which involved earnings improving due to cost control.… Continue reading

May 11 2016

elb2Wow, Issue 747 – jumbo time…

You may not know John McPartland but he is the kind of person who has a much stronger claim on being a counterparty to God’s work than, well, any of those bankers for starters. Have a scroll and you can read his eloquent demolition of a lot of the cant uttered in the parish of late amongst those oversharing their manifest lack of CCP comprehension. The article is simply compelling, in the same way… Continue reading

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