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FEBRUARY 21 2017

If you think issue 937 of Exchange Invest is going to have issues with finding a groovy Porsche design to celebrate with then you will be relieved to know that the 937 is the rarely used title for the 924 Carrera GT: a homologation special for sports car racing with 406 produced including 19 full race cars. Perhaps the most delightful front engined Porsche ever produced.

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UK MPs to debate DB1 acquisition of LSE today as… Continue reading

FEBRUARY 20 2017

Welcome to Exchange Invest Issue 936 which correlates with the fabulous 2.1 litre turbo group 6 spyder which won Le Mans in various guises, deploying a spaceframe based upon the legendary 917.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

BM&F results, Germans patriotically attack British patriotism. British politicians to debate deal while NMCE-ICEX merger is rumoured. Lots of product news as Trinidad and Tobago SE unleashes new system.

And there’s more, happy scrolling:

In BigWorld

Despite my broad antipathy towards chasing inflated pigs… Continue reading

FEBRUARY 17 2017

Just as we ended last week with a bang of turbo lag and a simply stunning road car in the 930, today we’re ending the week with the ultimate racing version of the same purposeful device. Silhouette racing meant you had to retain the same essential shape as the road car and the engine in the same place but otherwise it was a chance to let the mind run wild. Between Zuffenhausen and Weissach, fertile minds cooked up the simply… Continue reading

FEBRUARY 16 2017

Welcome to issue 934 of Exchange Invest which corresponds to the fabulous Porsche Group 4 racing version of the 930, a simply delightful endurance racer. Robust and remarkably swift, it was still competitive to the end of the Group 4 regulations in the early 1980’s by which time…oh we’ll get there in 22 newsletters time. Patience.

Speaking of patience, Vodafone upgraded one of their bean cans wrongly last night so I have had patchy email for some hours – please… Continue reading

FEBRUARY 15 2017

So here we are at Issue 933 of Exchange Invest, which was a designation for studies for an SCCA Porsche 924 racer as well as a 1981-90 3.2-liter light airplane engine, marketed as PFM 3200…which reminds me of the amazing Giorgio Vico in Liguria who built a seaplane with the VW engine also used as the base for the 924 engine.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

Euronext goes announcement hyperactive: and they are all good! Various fascinating wheels and deals show… Continue reading

FEBRUARY 14 2017

Exchange Invest Issue 932 celebrates a prototype built for another manufacturer…which reminds me of the wondrous story about the foundation of the De Lorean gull-winged door sports car made in my native Belfast. When they were casting around for engineering companies with some cachet to help develop the design, the fledgling DMC went to Lotus and Porsche for quotations. Lotus got the job after Porsche quoted a project fee that at the time would have actually enabled the acquisition of… Continue reading

FEBRUARY 13 2017

Exchange Invest issue 931 coincides with a type number over in Zuffenhausen which was both the left hand drive version of the 924 Turbo and a turbocharged 924 engine which was destined for a potential record breaker. I remember well being crammed into the back of an early 924 turbo on a high speed trip around the English midlands one late night driven by a motorsport mad Argentine hotelier when visiting the European F2 championship at Donington in my childhood…… Continue reading

FEBRUARY 10 2017

Exchange Invest ends the week at Issue 930 and that’s another high point for Porsche* as it coincides with the simply magnificent Porsche 911 Turbo which had the 930 type number. You may not care about the minutiae of Appendix J or other homologation rules as they swapped and shuffled from the Paris offices of the FIA during the 1970’s but the 930 was the product of Porsche wanting to homologate some simply incredible endurance racing cars…which we’ll encounter next… Continue reading


Welcome to Exchange Invest issue 929 which correlates to a Porsche hotpotch of designs along the way…in the future it may be something very groovy indeed if the rumours are to be believed but it will be about issue 2000 before we know for sure.

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ICE Clear Europe boss Paul Swann to retire. McKay brothers receive investment from Tower Research Capital, FTIL offers to invest in NSEL, fx stubbornly hanging on to “last look” despite the… Continue reading


Welcome to Exchange Invest, the unique market structure daily, where it’s Issue 928. For those who enjoyed elegant V8 cruising in a fabulous front engined Porsche, remember the 928 which we celebrate in Exchange Invest Issue 928 today.

In Today’s Exchange Invest

ICE results beat estimates. DFM produce spectacular improvement after recent lull. Plus 500 seems to have good numbers but trust is a bit of an issue. DB1 and LSE retain smug conviction they are on track to create… Continue reading

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